ACTAtek Mobile Time Attendance System

Taking advantage of the next-generation recognition algorithms that ensure on accuracy and set us a step above standar…
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Giink Backup Battery Power Supply Module

A power supply module specially design for building and security system application.
Used to supply power to CCTV cam…
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E3 Photo Guardtour System

Featuring a Smart Patrol Management System which forms an integrated part of an electronic guard tour system.
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TSC Thermal Desktop Printer

Offers a powerful solution to customers who need a high quality bar code printer at the lowest overall cost of ownersh…
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Opticon Barcode Scanner

Automatic Identification and Data Collection equipment
High-quality products for advanced scanning solutions and inte…
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FALCO IP IP Based Card Access System

A leading Technology in True IP Technology access control product that provides highly advanced security management so…
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Caddx NetworX Intrusion Detection System

With Caddx NetworX Intrusion Detection System, you can be assured that your home is monitored and protected 24 hours a…
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Infinite Wireless Intrusion Detection System

A revolution in wireless security incorporate with a complete residential security and home management solutions.
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Automated Vehicle Recorder

Similar to a “Black Box” found on airplanes, information from device is stored in memory card can be analyzed to h…
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Angel Eye Micro Video Camera System

Motion-Activated Mini DVR to capture any important situations while on the move.
Support an extra 32GB SD Card with r…
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GeoVision Digital Video Recorder

No. 1 Worldwide Provider of PC-based Video Surveillance Solutions. GeoVision offers cutting-edge collaborative DVR/Hyb…
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iiTEC Digital Video Recorder

Embedded Linux DVR with H.264 Compression Technology.
Users friendly which you can use IE to view camera remotely via…
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iiTEC Professional Mobile DVR

Specially designed to feature Anti-Shock and Anti-Vibration for reliability.
Comes with G Sensor for detection during…
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